Finally discover how to take care of your face according to your skin type


Korana Marović

Napokon otkrijte kako njegovati lice prema tipu kože

The skin is the largest organ of our body and is very complex - no less than your heart, lungs and other organs. That's why you should approach it with equal seriousness and give it all the nutrients it needs to function. When choosing skin care products, you often see the label "for dry skin" or "for oily skin". Then it's hard not to ask yourself "What is my skin type?".

If you want to determine your skin type and learn more about it, as well as how to take care of your skin according to its type, be sure to continue reading.

There are 4 main skin types: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Skin type is determined by genetics, but the condition of the skin can vary depending on the internal and external factors to which you are exposed. On the other hand, we often hear expressions such as problematic, sensitive or dehydrated skin, but they indicate a skin problem, not its type. Skin problems can also include more serious problems such as rosacea or dermatitis, which require special care and supervision by a dermatologist.


Normal skin is skin that has no known problems or sensitivities. It is a skin that is said to be in good balance because it is neither too oily nor too dry. Today, normal skin type is the rarest, so it is considered a kind of unicorn of skin types. But don't be fooled - even normal skin can develop problems such as dermatitis due to improper use of care products.

This type of skin has good blood circulation, soft, i.e. smooth texture, no spots, pimples can appear during menstruation, no very pronounced pores and has an even and healthy tone and shine. It is ideal to take care of it with basic products for the care of any skin type, namely a cleanser, moisturizer and protective factor. For the youthful glow of normal skin, we recommend the following combination: Instant revitalizing serum, Regenerative cream, Clarifying serum to control occasional pimples, and Eye cream for the eye area.
Clarifying Serum for skin without irregularities


Dry skin is skin that produces less sebum than normal skin. Due to the lack of sebum, there is a lack of lipids, which are important for the skin because they retain moisture and build a protective skin barrier. More women than men suffer from dry skin. As we age, the skin produces less lipids, so this skin type is prevalent in older age, but it can also be genetically conditioned from birth.

Although dry skin lacks fat, and dehydrated skin lacks water, dry skin can also be dehydrated because the skin is constantly losing moisture:

• sweating – loss of water from the glands due to exertion, heat and activity

• transepidermal water loss, which is a natural process by which the skin loses about half a liter of water per day through the process of diffusion from the deeper layers to the surface and evaporation from the surface

• due to the lack of urea, amino acids and lactic acids, which help bind water from the skin

• due to the lack of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, which help maintain a healthy and strong skin barrier.

Dry skin can be prone to redness and fine lines, has no visible pores, looks lifeless and dry to the touch, and wrinkles form more quickly. It can seem tight, rough and tired. And how to nurture it? With a moisturizing serum and a richer cream, along with a gentle cleanser and sun protection. Dry skin's best friend is oil. L'ADRIA routine for dry skin contains Instant revitalizing serum, Regenerative cream, Rejuvenating oil and nourishing Eye cream.


Oily skin is skin that excessively produces thick sebum. She has enlarged pores that are easily clogged, a great look on the entire face area, can have problems with pimples and blackheads (black and white) and different forms of acne.

Although oily skin is genetically determined, it can also occur due to hormonal changes caused naturally, stress, cosmetics or drugs.

Although there has long been a popular trend of drying out oily skin and avoiding moisturizers, it is important to emphasize that this will worsen the condition of oily skin. On the contrary, hydration is equally necessary for this skin type. The goal is to bring oily skin into the best possible balance in order to reduce excessive secretion of sebum. This care routine also consists of a skin cleanser, for example a gel variant, then a moisturizing cream (oily skin prefers gel creams) and a protective factor. However, clay masks and chemical exfoliants are also recommended to keep the pores clean.

If an oily skin type also struggles with pimples, a chemical exfoliant with an ingredient like salicylic acid is excellent for deep cleansing of pores and preventing the spread of bacteria. We suggest the Harmonizing cream, and if you have pimples, apply the Clarifying serum before the cream. You can hydrate with the Instant revitalizing serum, and especially care for the area around the eyes with the Eye cream.

Harmonizing cream to even out the complexion and mattify the skin


Mixed skin is the most complex type of skin. Some describe their skin as combination to dry, and others as combination to oily. Oilier parts are caused by excessive secretion of sebum, and drier parts are caused by a lack of sebum and lipids; although combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks is most often seen, it is possible to have oily cheeks and a dry T-zone. Oily skin is often characterized by larger pores as well as a tendency to get blackheads. Of course, even combination skin is not resistant to pimples!

Although this type of skin is most often genetically conditioned, it can be acquired through the wrong facial care routine, and it is often the result of hormonal imbalance. However, this type of skin is not too difficult to take care of - you just have to offer each part of the face what it needs. An ideal routine consists of a cleanser, a suitable moisturizer and a protective factor; dry parts of the face can be affected by using a moisturizing serum, and oily parts by using a serum to suppress sebum or to clean pores. The L'ADRIA care routine for combination skin includes: Instant revitalizing serum, Harmonizing cream (if you tend to have oily skin) or Regenerative cream (if you tend to have dry skin) and Rejuvenating oil for anti-aging effect and help with texture and Clarifying serum for those days when you have problems with blackheads and pimples. Finally, let's not forget the area around the eyes, for which we have prepared Eye cream, which is ideal for all skin types.