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4  Products
Hydrating cleanser
€17,12 (128,99 kn)
(128,99 kn)
Hydrating facial cleanse gel
Brightening perfecting serum
€29,07 (219,03 kn)
(175,25 kn)
Serum against hyperpigmentation
Regenerative cream
(0,00 kn)
(169,00 kn)
Face cream against wrinkles, redness & dryness
Eye patches
€29,90 (225,28 kn)
(225,28 kn)
Gel pads soaked in revitalizing serum

Cruelty Free

No paraffin or paraben

No sulfates and silicones

Made in Croatia

We adopt dolphins

Dermatologically tested, natural, and fragrance-free.

More than cosmetics
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