Hyperpigmentation is caused by many internal and external factors such as inflammation (pimples), unprotected sun exposure, hormonal changes and genetic predisposition. A key step in the routine against hyperpigmentation is acting on all levels of their formation in the skin.

Morning routine: washing with lukewarm water will be sufficient for dry to normal skin, while washing with Purifying cleanser is recommended for mixed to oily skin. Tone the skin with the Restorative mist and apply the Brightening Perfecting serum to a still damp face. Apply eye cream to the area around the eyes, and finish the routine with a generous layer of SPF.

Evening routine: after removing make-up (with L'ADRIA oil), wash your face with L'ADRIA Purifying cleanser, tone with Restorative Mist and apply Brightening Perfecting serum to a still damp face. Apply L'ADRIA Harmonizing cream to the entire face, and L'ADRIA Eye cream to the area around the eyes. Dry to normal skin can finish the routine with a few drops of Rejuvenating oil (which you can also mix into the cream), for additional care.

6 Products
Brightening perfecting serum
Serum against hyperpigmentation
Reduces hyperpigmentation spots and melasma
Evens out complexion
Harmonizing cream
Oil control & complexion balancing face cream
For oily and reactive skin
Balances sebum production
Eye cream
Deeply nourishing marine eye cream
Pure, natural & fragrance free
Lasting moisturization and comfort
Rejuvenating Oil
Miracle anti-age oil
Smoothes out wrinkles and skin texture
Retinol like effect
Restorative mist
Restoring hydrating mist
Long-lasting hydration
Protected & restored skin barrier
Purifying cleanser
Purifying face cleansing gel
Cleanses pores
Smoothes skin texture


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