Teenage/young skin

Youthful skin is often prone to irregularities such as pimples, closed comedones, blackheads and excessive sebum secretion. At the same time, it is delicate and sensitive, so the care of this type of skin must be careful and balanced.

Morning routine: wash your face with Hydrating cleanser and apply Brightening Perfecting serum to still damp skin. Apply eye cream to the area around the eyes, and finish the routine with a generous layer of SPF.

Evening routine: after removing makeup (with L'ADRIA oil), wash your face with Hydrating cleanser and remove excess moisture with a towel. Apply Eye cream to the area around the eyes, and Clarifying serum to the rest of the face and wait for it to be absorbed. Finish the routine with Harmonizing cream.

8 Products
Brightening perfecting serum
Serum against hyperpigmentation
Reduces hyperpigmentation spots and melasma
Evens out complexion
Clarifying serum
Serum for reactive skin
Purifies pores
Helps unclog pores
Eye cream
Deeply nourishing marine eye cream
Pure, natural & fragrance free
Lasting moisturization and comfort
Harmonizing cream
Oil control & complexion balancing face cream
For oily and reactive skin
Balances sebum production
Hydrating cleanser
Hydrating facial cleanse gel
Hydrates and cleanses
Teen Skin DUO
Purifying cleansing gel + Restorative mist
Purifying cleanser (150 ml) and Restorative Mist (125 ml)
Purifies pores, smoothes skin textures, is gentle on the skin, restores and strengthens the skin, ensures long-term hydration, gives a velvety feeling
Clear Skin DUO
Oil control & complexion balancing face cream + Pore and blemish treatment serum
Harmonizing cream (50ml), Clarifying serum (30ml)
Helps reduce imperfections
Sun fluid SPF 50+
Lagani fluid SPF 50+
Vrlo visoka zaštita od sunca
Bez bijelog traga i masnog osjećaja


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