How to control oily skin during the summer months?


Korana Marović

Kako kontrolirati masnu kožu tijekom ljetnih mjeseci?

Summer comes with beautiful long and warm days, but also with the unpleasant feeling of constant sweating. With the increase in temperature comes an increase in humidity, which can affect the general condition of the skin and lead to dehydration. Although it is nothing terrible, it can be particularly unpleasant for oily skin because it leads to even more intense secretion of sebum.

Along with sebum comes unwanted shine, as well as faster filling of pores, which most often ends in inflammatory processes on the face. The conclusion is clear: oily skin and summer are not the best of friends - but with these tips, they can become good friends.


• Because of the warm and humid air, the glands naturally produce more sebum

• Due to exposure to UV rays, the skin barrier can weaken, so due to the leakage of moisture from the skin and the arrival of dehydration, the skin produces more sebum to protect itself.


  1. Arrive

Oily skin is more prone to pimples due to the increased amount of sebum secretion, which is why it is recommended to expand the care routine with products containing salicylic acid andniacinamide , which will simultaneously clean pores and strengthen the skin barrier. Like the L'ADRIA Clear skin duo anti-pimple cream . Such products will deeply clean the pore, so there will be less possibility of inflammation. Even and radiant complexion - Clear skin Duo

  1. Tired, dull skin

Counting the oily sheen that it has too much, a weakened skin barrier and too much sebum can lead to skin that looks gray, tired and lacks a natural glow from within. Don't forget to deeply hydrate the skin during the day and give it an antioxidant boost to better defend itself against free radicals. Of course, SPF is also a mandatory part of every morning routine if you want to maintain the quality of the skin barrier and a healthy youthful appearance. To add shine to the skin more quickly, it is recommended to use a serum with vitamin C below the SPF.

  1. Comedones

Even if you don't get pimples, oily skin is more prone to comedones in the summer. It is an inflammatory condition of the skin in which a blackhead cocoons shallowly under the surface of the skin. In order to avoid the formation of comedones, it is important to keep the pores clean!

  1. Enlarged pores

Increased secretion of sebum and visually widens the pores, which then become more noticeable, but also more sensitive to clogging. Add a cleanser with salicylic acid, such as L'ADRIA Purifying cleanser , to your routine to keep pores clean and visually reduce them . Remember, quality cleaning pores always look finer and smaller!
Purifying Cleanser for mixed and oily skin

Dermatological tips for oily skin care in summer

  1. Clean your face properly

Regardless of the fact that you apply oil more often, do not clean your face more often. By frequent cleaning, we remove the necessary amount of sebum from the skin, which is why the skin begins to hyperproduce it in order to protect itself. It is quite enough to clean your face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, with a mild facial cleanser. If you want to repair your damaged skin barrier , we recommend L'ADRIA Nourishing cleanser, and for daily cleansing and makeup removal, you will like L'ADRIA Hydrating cleanser.

  1. Don't skip the face cream

Although oily skinned people like to live in the belief that creams only make them greasy - a moisturizing finishing cream is a crucial step in the skin care routine. Without it, the skin does not get nourishment, a protective layer and softness, and it is easier for applied tonics, essences, serums to pass through... Even without it, the glands will need to produce more sebum !

  1. Do not overdo it with the amount of product

Sometimes it seems to us that we get better quality care with a more complex routine, however - this may or may not be true! For oily skin, a gentle cleanser and moisturizing cream, possibly a moisturizing serum if they are prone to dehydration, can be quite sufficient. On the other hand, a fantastic option are cleansers with acids, which will help keep the skin clean, and multifunctional products such as the L'ADRIA Restorativemist face mist , which simultaneously work on soothing the skin barrier , deep hydration and skin protection - and in the summer, certain oily skin can and replace the moisturizer!

  1. Use blotters for excess sebum

Papers for collecting fat , so-called. Blotters are fantastic for oily skin for several reasons – they're practical to carry and fit in any purse, collect oil that won't settle in pores and keep makeup lasting.

  1. Use makeup that is resistant to sweat and moisture

If you adequately prepare your skin for makeup with skincare products and on top of that use oil-free makeup designed to last up to 24 hours, you will avoid unwanted filling of pores with a mixture of sweat, sebum and excess makeup. That's why it is better to choose resistant makeup formulas for oily skin in summer compared to light cream products.


• Use only gel/water creams that will not create a feeling of heaviness on the face and will deeply hydrate without fear of clogging pores

• Don't wash your face too often – removing sebum to the point where the skin feels squeaky clean also backfires by suggesting the face needs more oil to protect itself. It is enough to wash your face in the morning and after training and wash your face in the evening

• Don't forget about exfoliation - in order to clean the skin of dead cells and deeply clean the pores, but with it, good hydration and sun protection are mandatory.

• Don't skip the SPF - apart from the fact that exposure to the sun increases sweating and oiliness of the skin , so it is recommended to dose it, UV rays rapidly age the skin and increase inflammation. For this reason, SPF is a crucial step, especially if you want to avoid the appearance of hyperpigmentation .
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