Why do we reduce the burden on the environment by choosing glass packaging?


Korana Marović

Zašto odabirom staklene ambalaže smanjujemo opterećenje na okoliš?

We already wrote this month about why it is important to choose glass packaging when buying cosmetics, but in case you are not motivated enough to stop buying plastic, here are some interesting facts!

1. Glass can be 100% recycled many times

2. By recycling glass, new landfills are opened for other products and energy is saved. The cost of energy drops by 2-3% for every 10% share of glass in a mixture. The amount of energy saved is fantastic, for example the recycling of one glass bottle is enough for 4 hours of operation of a 60W light bulb or 20 minutes of TV on.

3. Glass produced from recycled materials reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%. Manufacturers benefit from glass recycling because the consumption of primary materials is reduced and, in addition to saving energy, the life of glassmaking machines is extended. In addition to the reduced consumption of primary materials, the consumption of natural raw materials is reduced; for example, 700 kg of sand, 200 kg of calcite and 200 kg of soda are saved for 1000 kg of old glass.

4. The third most used resource in the world is sand. Apart from glass and glass products, tablets, mobile phones and computers are also made from sand. But did you know that 75 million tons of sand are taken annually from the banks of rivers and seas for the production of these products? This directly threatens the plants and animals that depend on these habitats. This is an active problem that is being worked on globally, so for example a company in New Zealand called DB BEER EXPORT has made a machine that turns used beer bottles into so-called recycled sand.

5. By choosing glass packaging, we directly reduce the harmful impact on the environment and actually save money in the long term, because glass packaging can be washed and used for something else, new in your household. Glass packaging