Skinfluencer trend: Do we really need to use sun protection even at home?


Korana Marović

Skinfluencerski trend: Trebamo li uistinu koristiti zaštitni faktor čak i kod kuće?

When you are getting ready to go out in the city or nature, you must put on SPF protection because you know that you will be exposed to the sun, but applying SPF in the comfort of your own home is not a very logical habit, at least for most people. However, in the last few months, skin influencers (influencers in the sector of preparative cosmetics) have been intensively talking about the importance of using a protective factor even when staying at home. Maybe it sounds crazy and completely unnecessary to you, but in fact - they are right!

Their logic dictates that windows alone are not sufficient protection from the sun, especially if your workplace or favorite position in the home, where you often live, is in direct sunlight. During your stay indoors, you certainly have the impression that you are successfully avoiding direct sunlight because you are "behind" something, but this by no means means that your skin is safe from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Although the sun radiates a wide spectrum of UV radiation, only UVA and UVB rays penetrate through our atmosphere, but they are also sufficient to cause damage, primarily to our skin. Most windows actually protect you from UVB rays, which damage DNA in skin cells and are one of the causes of skin cancer and sunburn. However, UVA rays, which arrive in a smaller percentage, but are very strong, are closely related to the aging of skin cells and one of the main causes of lines and wrinkles on the face - from which windows, unfortunately, will not protect you. UVA rays that reach you through the window glass can cause damage to the skin already in the first 15 minutes of exposure, especially in winter when we unconsciously ignore the risk of exposure to the sun because it does not fit into our concept of winter idyll and cold weather.

The solution is actually simple - invest in a quality day cream with a protective factor. This will allow you to apply SPF every day without thinking about it. Like any type of sun protection, in this case you should reapply the SPF cream every few hours, but after a certain time it would be best to simply stay out of the direct sun.

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