Why is it important to take care of the eye area?


Korana Marović

Zašto je bitno njegovati okoloočno područje?

If it is logical for us to care for the skin of the face in a different way than the skin of the body, why don't we always do the same for the skin around the eyes? Namely, the area around the eyes is the first to show signs of aging, if it is not properly cared for, because the skin there is thinner and more delicate than the rest. The average person blinks 28,800 times a day, and in addition to blinking, people go through a multitude of emotions that are also expressed through their eyes, which contributes to their wrinkles. But the skin also ages due to genetic reasons, UV rays, lifestyle or external influences. However, don't be discouraged, it's never too early or too late to start taking care of it properly!

Proper hydration around the eye area is extremely important because the skin is like a sponge, which when it loses water becomes dry, smaller and shows all the fine lines. The area around the eyes lacks sebaceous glands (the body's natural moisturizer) and for this reason is additionally exposed to dryness, which requires hydration and care. Of course, technically you can also use the face cream on the area around the eyes, if it does not cause any irritation and gives you a sufficient amount of hydration, but often the area around the eyes can be sensitive to the classic compositions of face creams, which can be too rich or contain active ingredients in doses that are not suitable for that area. Eye creams are formulated in such a way that they do not cause a reaction on the skin or on the eyes, and that they help improve hydration and often tone the skin.
Eye cream - Care of the eye area

It is extremely important to know what you are trying to solve; whether it's fine lines, hyperpigmentation, puffy eyes or general care of that area and look at the ingredients of the cream accordingly.

• for lines and wrinkles, we recommend ingredients that stimulate collagen production and blood flow in the eye area, such as vitamin A and peptides

• for hyperpigmentation, we recommend ingredients that will fight the damage caused by the sun's UV rays, such as arbutin, kojic acid, soy extract, vitamin C and niacinamide

• for swollen eyes, we recommend drinking more water and more sleep, and from the ingredients caffeine, green tea, dipeptide-2, hyaluronic acid

• for general care, we recommend antioxidants that will help remove free radicals in the skin caused by UV radiation, smoking or pollutants and will slow down the aging process, which are ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, green tea and niacinamide

Be sure to be gentle when removing makeup, rubbing your eyes, etc. Namely, as the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and thin, strong pressure and rubbing encourage the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, so be sure to pat the products very gently into the skin and avoid any stretching or heavy friction of the skin. Without hesitation, we guarantee that by introducing an eye cream into your routine, you will see a difference not only in your vision, but you will also achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed facial appearance.