The best beauty tips we learned from moms


Korana Marović

Najbolji beauty savjeti koje smo naučili od mama

The first steps in the direction of the world of beauty usually begin in early childhood - especially if you have a mother who loves makeup and invests in beautiful skin care. You probably still have clear images in your head of her preparations for some special occasion, where she applied that fatal red lipstick that you really wanted to try, or you remember the smell of her face cream. This is precisely why we receive the first care advice from our mother - the first instructions on what to buy and how to use it.

Although today the situation is quite the opposite, and children learn about trends in the world of beauty through social networks, mom's benevolent and useful advice is always worth its weight in gold.


The popularity of the ten-step Korean skin care routine is extremely high, but mom will always suggest investing in a quality moisturizer. The key is that it has good ingredients because it will be an excellent base for upgrading the routine according to the different needs of the skin. L'ADRIA has a similar philosophy.


Experts and moms agree: don't go to bed with makeup on! Instead of fighting with our ideas about beauty, average moms will prefer to try to instill in their daughters the habit of removing makeup before going to bed because it is precisely in this habit that the secret to healthy and glowing skin is hidden.
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Every mom will try to convince you that you don't really need makeup. But introducing makeup as late as possible is actually a good step. The first mascara, lipstick or powder forever changes the type of skin care routine, which then requires more steps, as well as more aggressive cleansing that can dry out and cause skin sensitivity. Only over time do we begin to recognize the quality of the make-up itself in more detail. In their teens, everyone tends to use more makeup, which they start to see as a bad idea as they enter their late twenties.


Moms certainly had a smaller selection of brands, so when they found what suited them - they bought all products only from them. Although it is popular today to buy different products unrelated to the brand, branded care routines are optimally prepared for use and mixing with each other without counter-effects and ingredient conflicts. That's exactly why, and L'ADRIA offers care routines .