Lana Biželj reveals her favorite L'ADRIA product


Korana Marović

Lana Biželj otkriva svoj najdraži L'ADRIA proizvod

Journalist and influencer Lana Biželj maintains a raw and colorful Instagram profile that we like to follow because she openly talks about many problems of today such as the position of women in society, male-female relationships and mental health, but at the same time it is also fun, trivial and informs us about life situations and the adventures of this young woman from Bjelovar in bustling Zagreb.

Lana is a big fan of skin care, and we are extremely proud to call her a L'ADRIA friend because she has been there since our very beginnings. That's exactly why we were extremely interested in which L'ADRIA product completely won her over.

"I have to admit that the competition between all four L'ADRIA products I use is strong, but perhaps the eye cream has a slight advantage, Eye cream , which gives me an indescribably good feeling on my skin. It's brilliantly hydrating, not greasy, my skin feels smooth, it's a great base for make-up (it doesn't melt it!) and it acts as a kind of caffeine booster when I have puffy under-eye circles. I have to be honest and say that I know how to apply it to the wrinkles on my neck as well, because I have the feeling that it will nourish and "patch" just about every unevenness I have!" concluded Lana enthusiastically.

Eye cream - Hydrates, does not grease and gives a smooth appearance to the skin

In addition to eye cream, Lana also uses Regenerative cream , Instant revitalizing serum you Clarifying serum .

Lana's favorite, as well as all other L'ADRIA products, can be purchased in the L'ADRIA webshop, in the Cremme Concept Store in Zagreb (Nemčićeva 8 and Tkalčićeva 21) and in the Jagatić Pharmacies in Zagreb and Sesvete.