Face yoga: Do you exercise your face?


Korana Marović

Face yoga: Vježbate li svoje lice?

It sounds too good to be true, but new techniques promoted by skin care brands, the Internet, and even facial "gyms" claim that repeating certain movements, whether by simply making "grimaces" or with the help of hands and massagers, can over time increase circulation, lift and tighten the skin and like any other fitness regime, exercising your facial muscles can result in improved tone and slimness. Furthermore, since no one is a fan of fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles that constantly appear on our faces and we don't know how to alleviate or stop them, "face yoga" could just be the solution to that!

But does "face yoga" really work? It succeeds if you are committed to performing different exercises for up to 10 minutes every day and if, above all, you are familiar with the correct way of performing these exercises; any improper stretching of the skin can end up with the exact opposite - an increased number of wrinkles. In theory, we know that aging is the result of muscle loss, and yoga for the face repeatedly stimulates the muscles in the face and strengthens them, so that in the end the whole face or targeted areas look firmer and more youthful.

Every movement made with the face, whether we express an emotion or simply communicate more briskly, makes a certain facial expression, the repetition of which can leave a significant mark on the face. Many women first notice wrinkles on the forehead from frowning or surprise, and nasolabial wrinkles, the so-called. laugh lines. But while certain actions do not involve every facial muscle, the area around the eyes involves most of them. It's no wonder that wrinkles around the eyes can quickly make the whole face look older, so if you don't want to stimulate the whole face, at least pay attention to them.

However, before you know how to exercise your face, you need to know the causes of your puffy eyes and wrinkles. The causes are very varied and can be lack of sleep, sleeping on your stomach or side, large breakdown of collagen and elastin, dry eye area, UV radiation, excessive salt intake, rubbing your eyes, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, allergies and the like.

Using these steps, you can exercise your face yourself and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and puffy eyes;

1. Look straight ahead

2. Open your mouth wide in the shape of the letter O

3. Look at the ceiling without moving your forehead

4. Hold the pose for 5 seconds

5. Repeat a total of 3 times

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