Why is L'ADRIA Rejuvenating Oil blue? Discover the ingredient loved in Korea!


Korana Marović

Zašto je L'ADRIA Rejuvenating Oil plave boje? Otkrijte sastojak kojeg obožavaju u Koreji!

We're not going to lie - cosmetics today have to satisfy multiple fields of interest. In addition to having to work, it is also important that it is cruelty free, vegan, on a natural basis, without irritating ingredients, but also in the most beautiful bottle that you will want to take a picture of. The beauty scene has become so big thanks to Instagram, where it is extremely popular to show off your beauty products; if as a brand you are not attractive in appearance, you are not "Insta-friendly" in a way.

In addition to the design, the texture and color of the product are also important, and what is more attractive than azure blue? So called. "blue" cosmetics had a short but sweet moment within the industry, when, in addition to the blue color of the product, its water base or marine inspiration was emphasized. Although L'ADRIA supports both, Rejuvenating Oil it gets its color from a natural and beneficial source, the so-called tanacetum (lat. Tanacetum annuum). The English name of this oil: "blue tansy", will be well known to many lovers of foreign cosmetics. Lovers of Korean cosmetics will certainly be familiar with the name "Azulen". Namely, azulene is the ingredient that gives this oil its blue color, and at the same time it is the star of skincare for sensitive skin in the Far East!

It is interesting that the tanacetum flower is naturally yellow in color and, similar to its relative chamomile, its essential oil acquires its blue color during distillation, where a chemical reaction occurs that creates the "blue ingredient". That ingredient is azulene, or more precisely kamazulene, but more often in cosmetics, for the sake of simplicity, the name "azulene" is used, which includes several similar ingredients with the azulene group, with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Whether you're sensitive, dry, dehydrated, or acne-prone, products with this blue oil can help solve the problem.

Tanacetum oil is also a true ally in obtaining healthy skin, thanks to its antioxidant effect, and is most often used to soothe irritated skin and to alleviate the problems of delicate and problematic skin. For this reason, this oil can have a positive effect on very eruptive, sensitive or rosacea skin. Although oils are not a popular choice for oily skin, and even those with pimples, this oil cleans clogged pores, kills the bacteria responsible for the spread of acne, and when combined with, for example, squalane, makes a fantastic base for hydrating and soothing problematic skin.
Rejuvenating Oil - Miracle oil of blue color against wrinkles

We often see it in products labeled "clean" or "non-toxic" because it can be used as a natural fragrance instead of perfume; it gives a deep herbal and somewhat earthy scent that also provides aromatherapeutic benefits, and has a particularly relaxing effect after stressful episodes.

It is right now L'ADRIA Rejuvenating Oil conceived as an all-in-one oil for all skin types, who want to work on tone, hyperpigmentation, pimples, soothing the skin, giving it shine and recovering the skin from exposure to the sun and external stressors. In addition to azulene, this is also done by bakuchiol and squalane, which help keep the skin barrier strong and impervious. We suggest that several times a week you turn the evening into a SPA moment when you gently massage your face with L'ADRIA oil and enjoy the color and scent of tanacetum oil. We believe that you will quickly become a habit!