Ingredients you should not use during pregnancy


Korana Marović

Sastojci koje ne biste trebali koristiti u trudnoći

Pregnancy is a wonderful and fulfilling time. But at the same time it is extremely confusing and new to you. Hormonal changes that are reflected in our behavior, weight change, can also be reflected in our skin. You are no longer sure whether the products you used until now are still suitable for your skin or whether they pose a danger to your child. Ingredients that at first glance seem mundane or completely benign, can be the absolute opposite. Before using the product, consult your dermatologist, and read below which ingredients are better to avoid.


1. Retinoids - retinol and its derivatives are compounds from the group of retinoids, which belong to the group of vitamin A. Vitamin A is naturally present in food and is important for the proper development of the fetus, but an excessive amount is reprotoxic, that is, it has a harmful effect on the fetus. Retinoids can be found in medicines and skin care products (with anti-aging or acne functions) and have a proven negative effect on fetal development. Be sure to stop using retinoids during pregnancy, and do not use them even if you plan to become pregnant soon. A good alternative? Bakuchiol is a natural alternative to retinoids with similar positive effects, but without negative effects on the fetus. Bakuchiol is also found in L'ADRIA Rejuvenating oil !

2. Salicylic acid - avoiding salicylic acid or BHA during pregnancy is recommended for the same reason as avoiding aspirin, since these ingredients are very similar in structure. Salicylic acid is found in exfoliants, and during pregnancy, replace it with other acids such as lactic, glycolic, mandelic, phytic or gluconolactone. The effect will not be quite the same as when using salicylic acid, but it will be close to it.

3. Sunscreens with chemical filters - it is recommended to use creams with mineral UV filters such as those containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The harmfulness of some chemical filters is still being researched and not yet fully proven, but why not bypass the risk?

4. Phthalates and bisphenols - they are often hidden in skin care products, most often due to migration from plastic packaging or are included in perfumes as a fixative or solvent. That's why you can't find them in the list of ingredients, even if they are present in the product. They belong to the group of endocrine disruptors, that is, they interfere with the normal function of hormones, which is why it is better to avoid them during pregnancy. You can avoid them by using glass packaging and products without synthetic fragrances.