How to take care of skin prone to irregularities?


Korana Marović

Kako njegovati kožu sklonu nepravilnostima?

When talking about impure skin , most of us imagine a complexion full of red bumps with white heads, but acne can manifest in different ways - and many others skin problem they can at first remind us of the most ordinary pimples .

Although they are acne growing problem among adults, most people are still not sure what exactly they have, and they decide on variants of independent treatment of the problem, for which the treatment is acne and their prevention usually stretches for months and makes it frustrating, if not impossible. However, with some clear boundaries on how to nurture yourself when you have problem skin - i acne is possible to put in order.


  • Excess sebum - due to external or internal stressors, the glands can secrete more sebum than necessary, which leads to pore clogging
  • Hormones - fluctuations in hormones are one of the most common reasons for their occurrence acne , the most common problem is sex hormones
  • Accumulations of dead skin cells - not only sebum is to blame clogging of pores , but also accumulation of dead skin cells, if the skin is not exfoliated regularly
  • Nutrition - although food does not directly affect creation acne , affects changes in the body that acne-prone skin can encourage it to break out in pimples . For example, foods with a high glycemic index, such as sugar and white bread, have been shown to be problematic for skin prone to irregularities.
  • Improper care - although they are acne usually more than the use of low-quality make-up, improper facial cleansing or missed care routine, we should not exclude that option from the group either. Do we have sensitive facial skin - or are we prone to it? plugging - overly aggressive products or those richer in nutrients can cause irritation, and acne .



A good daily care routine is important for everyone, but especially if you are prone to it irregularities . With these 5 steps, the skin will be healthier and happier, and therefore less pimples !


Facial cleansing is extremely important because it removes dirt and excess oil - but too much cleansing can further irritate the skin. For this reason, it is recommended to start the morning routine with washing, and to use it in the evening facial cleanser . If you wake up very oily, then it's okay to wash your face with a moisturizing product, for example L'ADRIA Hydrating cleanser , which will clean the skin nicely but leave it hydrated.

Facial cleansers for all skin types


Exfoliation, or peeling, is a key step in any care routine, and it can be particularly useful for problematic skin. With peeling, we clean deeply pores , which contributes to less plugging and, at the same time, less likely to occur pimples . Chemical peels are more suitable for problematic skin because they work more gently on an already inflamed face, and they can also clean the pores better, especially if they contain salicylic acid. A good option is to use a cleanser with salicylic acid, because it will perform a light exfoliation already when washing the face - like L'ADRIA Purifying cleanser .

Purifying Cleanser for mixed and oily skin


Many fatty people do not believe in using it face cream as previous experiences have shown them how creams can work clog pores . Although this is true, hydration and nourishment of the surface layer of the skin is extremely important - and no other product can do it like a cream. Choose an oil-free cream because it will not stimulate the formation of pimples, and will provide all the benefits of hydration, which is problem skin needed. She is excellent L'ADRIA Harmonizing cream because it also contains ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the appearance pimples and stain with deep hydration.


This step is as important as cleansing the face! Namely, exposure to UV rays can increase inflammation, thus worsening the impression acne , in addition to the fact that the skin ages rapidly. Also, most products that act quickly and directly on the cause acne - they are not suitable for use in the sun because they are sensitive to the sun or because they thin the skin. That's why quality 30+ protection should become part of your morning routine - especially in spring and summer!


When you have problem skin , there is a high probability that you will need to adjust your care routine a lot and be extremely persistent in it in order to see a satisfactory result. Anti-acne products they are a key part of your skincare routine, which must match and complement the rest of your products. Also, some acne it will also require medicine or an antibiotic, which is quite normal - but that's why we suggest that acne do not treat yourself, but consult a dermatologist from the start.


An extremely important step that we often neglect is adapting our lifestyle to the problem we have. A common cause acne , in addition to hormonal fluctuations, can also be caused by bad intestinal microflora and a generally slow metabolism. In order for your body to function better, and along the way feel better, it is suggested to introduce small healthy habits, which will then show a benefit in the appearance of your skin. For example, train at least three times a week, watch your alcohol and sugar intake, drink more water... In addition, change your pillowcase regularly, discard the towel, be careful with what and how you touch your face when you may not have clean hands. Sometimes, even in the most banal habit of life, a solution can be found for fewer breakouts pimples !