What is skin fasting? Meet the minimalist skin care trend


Korana Marović

Što je skin fasting? Upoznajte minimalistički trend njege kože

After years of filling cabinets with products for the perfect #shelfie (or a neatly arranged shelf with a handful of cosmetics), the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic made us stop for a moment and ask ourselves what we really need in life. Along with health, a roof over your head and nutrition, the importance of material things is reduced to a minimum - that which is there to please us or serve a basic purpose. Skin, body and hair care is often found in that category, to which we often devote too much time, and only the basics are needed for happy and healthy skin.

Guided by this idea, the "skin fasting" trend was born, the basic idea of ​​which is to minimize the skin care routine, or stop it completely for a moment, in order to give the skin time to reset. And while it is the only absolute revelation, to others it seems like an unnecessary and risky venture into the uncertain. Find out all the pros and cons of skin fasting before you decide to ditch it.


The idea of ​​this trend is to allow the skin to return to its natural homeostasis. Namely, the theory is that we use a handful of cosmetics that tell the skin what to do - when we strip it of it, it is forced to return to its natural cycle of self-renewal. For example, the use of specific oils tells the skin not to produce more natural sebum, while exfoliants accelerate cell renewal. If we take all that from the skin - we leave it to reset itself and find new, more effective ways of natural self-renewal. Of course - in practice it is not so simple.


Initially, the idea was to stop using the products altogether, but experts warn of unpleasant consequences. For example, if we remove ceramides or similar ingredients that help restore the damaged skin barrier, the recovery of the skin will take much longer and it will often encounter problems. That's why many people suggest occasionally removing "aggressive" products from the routine or reducing the routine to really basic products.

Do you want to try the so-called post skin, the best solution is to throw out typical anti-aging ingredients and exfoliants, which with too frequent use can lead to hypersensitivity, and let the skin "cleanse" itself of them. Without them, you will focus on the highest quality minimalist care routine with a good moisturizing cream and serum (for example, products of the L'ADRIA brand that have a minimalist approach to skin care) which will give the skin hydration and nourishment, with which it will be able to independently "fight" with other problems which has

At the end of the day – everyone's skin is different and what works for one person may harm another – which means you have to take this trend with a grain of salt. If you decide on it and you don't see a positive change in the first month, you probably made a mistake in your assessment. But if you want to try it again, commit to choosing clean products with a minimum of ingredients in order to give the skin the best during the period when it is de facto detoxifying.
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