What is bakuchiol and why is everyone praising it?


Korana Marović

Što je bakuchiol i zašto ga svi hvale?

And while the whole world is buzzing about retinol as the best anti-aging option on the market, beauty enthusiasts have their eye on bakuchiol. This magical ingredient has its origins in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, but it only became a potent ingredient in cosmetics a year and a half ago. How is this so-called plant retinol is the best natural substitute for the popular and aggressive vitamin A derivative - it's time to get to know it better.

This natural antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient is found in the seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea corylifolia, commonly known as babchi, which grows in India, China and parts of Africa. Previous research in the laboratory and tests on the skin have shown that bakuchiol restores the skin and evens out the complexion when applied twice a day. Also, it has a soothing effect and helps soften fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the ingredient is vegan.


Bakuchiol acts directly in the skin cells, where it affects the production of several types of collagen that are beneficial for health, as well as the youthful appearance of the skin, while not affecting the glands, which means that it does not lead to irritation or dryness. One of the most important advantages over retinol is that it does not make the skin more sensitive to UV rays, but quite the opposite – it helps the skin to be as less sensitive to the sun as possible. It is most potent in formulations of 0.5 to 2%, and can show significant results in just 12 weeks of use.


Currently, bakuchiol is found in serums, serum emulsions, lotions and oils. Namely, this ingredient has an original oily texture. Depending on the texture, it can be applied before the moisturizing cream, and although it does not cause sensitivity to the sun, it is still recommended to use with a protective factor. What is an added plus is the fact that bakuchiol can be used with other active ingredients. If you want to introduce bakuchiol into your care routine, we suggest L'ADRIA REJUVENATING OIL .

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So, bakuchiol evens skin tone and helps to remove acne spots or hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, does not cause dryness or irritation, accelerates self-renewal of skin cells, can be used twice a day, is suitable for all skin types, helps to heal and soothe the skin, it does not make the skin sensitive to the sun's rays but helps it create resistance and can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and summer holidays. Can it be better? It really is time to add bakuchiol to your skincare routine!